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Spring Refresh Essentials

Awaken the Mind + Body + Soul

Crystal Grids


When you use Sacred Geometry - ancient symbols that deflect, protect or attract energies - all the Universe listens. As a platform for laying out crystals, they amplify their combined energies and help you manifest what you are asking for FASTER.

Must Haves...

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The art of Ritual

When we practice rituals, we radiate our

intentions and express our willingness to receive.

Very quickly, something radical happens...

Something inside us shifts.

We become illuminated from the inside.

We enter into a state of flow aligned with our soul's purpose.

And we begin to manifest a life we love.  

I invite you to explore... 

Sacred Science

Everything is energy. Learn to flow with it.

Smoke Washing

Smoke from certain herbs and trees produces ions, which wash away...

Sacred Geometry

We use symbols called Sacred Geometry in combination with crystals to...

Crystal Energy

Let's clear up the confusion about 'vibes' and have a baseline understanding...