"About three months into my time as a SoulCycle instructor I began to realize that, in addition to using meditation as a wellness practice, it was also an incredible way to set clear intentions for my life and career. I believe in the power of manifestation and this practice aligned seamlessly.

Quickly after realizing this, I found Elements of Aura Ritual Kits at a Lululemon pop up store and spent weeks afterwards carefully deciding which kit aligned with my intention.

Now, I crave meditation.

The oil breathes life into me, the stillness quiets the shitstorm in my brain, and the smell of Palo Santo reminds me I'm home."

- Lauren Stevis

"Well, my ultimate plan was to use my Crystal Grid for personal growth and to steer myself away from wanting tangible objects. However, my first intention was used on two things which I felt were just too important for me to skip: an afforadable apartment in the neighborhood I wanted to live and a beautiful wedding dress. Two weeks into my intention and I got both. I'm not changing intentions until the apartment keys are handed over officially but I must say I'm excited for this grid and the positive energy these crystals bring!"  

- Katie Lundhoff

"It means so much to me that you, the owner of a wonderful business actually took time to connect with me, a small artist. Thank you for what you do. Your products are so amazing and I cannot tell you how much I love them. I give them to everyone as gifts!"

- Neel Garg

"I cannot believe how incredible the energy is in your crystal grid packs! Oh my gosh, as soon as I started handling everything, it was like I was high on amazing energy. Thank you for sharing that."

- Susan Padron 

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