The dual-action facial roller, made with healing green aventurine, is designed to help improve the overall texture and appearance of skin. The studded side works to reduce puffiness and fine lines, and can help the absorption of skincare products without breaking the skin. The smooth end is used to ease tension and promote circulation.

Textured Jade Roller

  • Prosperity + Joy :

    A lucky stone linked to manifestations and prosperity. Also a heart healing stone, it stimulates emotional recovery by calming and dissolving negative emotions. Stabilizing the intellect and emotions, it enables living our best, most authentic lives.

  • Gua sha and Jade rollers are essential ancient healing tools originating in the Ming Dynasty in China (1368-1644), where extensive records of its use and benefits were recorded.

    Jade specifically is used because of its energy (qi) being specifically aligned to benefiting the body. It was not only used in China, but the Mayans and Egyptians also are known to have massaged the body with jade becaue of it's superior healing qualities.

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