A Joyful Pause

  • A Joyful Pause is about coming home to yourself. Have you noticed that everything is changing? Work has shifting demands, home life is busy, and the world around us is changing at an unparalleled speed. Now is the time to find the place in each of us that is steady in the midst of change. Learning how to pause is a helpful practice. We can build the habit of taking a few moments out of each day to turn our awareness inward. The practices that restore body, mind, and connection to spirit take time, and they ask us to create a bit of quiet and some internalization. A Joyful Pause is structured to make this easy for you to do. The connection we seek is in the pause, and through that connection, we come to know that we are home. A Joyful Pause helps you fill your life with more connection. These practices are here to help you bring more of your whole self into your life every day and to feel the love that is always there, just under the surface of our experiences.

  • Have you ever met someone who seems to smile with every part of their being? Their eyes have lightness and their soul seems to be in that unique state of ease reserved for gurus and the enlightened. Nicole is one of those people. Her blissful energy is contageous whether you pass her on the street or have the pleasure of dancing next to her at a concert. It's the type of energy we all need more of.. and so she wrote a book... so we all can learn her secrets for ultimate hapiness.

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