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Which stone is that? Our guide to crystals

Without sounding like Gus Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding...


The way in which ice is formed is the same way crystals are formed, a process known as crystallization.

In that process, atoms which form molecules arrange themselves into an orderly pattern forming a lattice or repetitive structure. Once the lattice begins to form, it expands from the inside out. Imagine making ice as an example. Molecules of H20 (water) are poured into a container and placed in a cold environment allowing the water molecules bond to each other forming a solid state (ice) that you can then use to cool off liquids, like lemonade, iced teas... or water. 

In crystals, the molecules form strong bonds that freeze in place to form a solid object. For our purposes, we can assume the molecules are frozen in place, creating a solid lattice structure. However, the molecules never stop moving. 

The stable structure of a lattice, balanced with the small movements of each molecule causes vibrations. The vibrations of a stone or crystal is similar to the feeling of noticing a high-energy person entering a room. Another example is the feeling of touching a piece of your grandmother's old jewelry. Making you feel warm or confident knowing that she loved it and wore it all of the time. Consider that, your inner reaction and those feelings washing over you as one benefit to using, holding and interacting with crystals. 

Here at Elements of Aura, we are constantly inspired by the sensations and uses of different types of crystals. The crystals and stones beautiful, and the energetic properties of each one changes your energetic vibration. (Think back to the feeling of holding your grandmother's jewelry.)

Since we use so many different crystals, we have complied research to understanding the properties of each stone we use. 

Alan Moore said, "knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it."

With that being said, we invite you to discover the healing power of the crystals we use, love, and value.

Clear Quartz- It is the most versatile healing crystal. It amplifies the energy around it, clearing the mind, balances emotions, radiates positive energy and magnifies your intentions. It absorbs energy easily, so make sure to clear this crystal's energy by letting it sit out in the moonlight. 

Rose Quartz- This crystal can be many different shades of pink. Known to be the crystal that opens up the heart chakra, it gives one feelings of clarity, happiness, love, and warmth. Rose Quartz enhances spiritual development, self-love and strengthens the love in relationships with family, friends, and loved ones

Smokey Quartz-  This crystal will range in color from clear to black. It detoxifies and clears energies, while stimulating and balancing your root chakra. It enables grounding, supporting powerful healing of the mind, body and environment.

Amethyst- Is know to be the "Gem of Fire." It stimulates your inner wisdom and sense of intuition. Incorporating Amethyst into your life and rituals sparks creativity and aids in recognizing your passions. Amethyst aids one in spiritually connecting to the divine, due to its connection to the third eye, or crown chakra.  

Kyanite- Is a high energy crystal. Although it doesnt accumulate or retain negative energy. It opens the third eye center and aligns the chakras enhancing telepathic energies and phychic abilities. Kayanite opens up lines of communication, tranquility and healing energy channels. It is a great help in transitioning into deep meditative states.

Malachite- Known to stimulate the mind malachite provides clear thoughts, and controlled emotions. It is perfect in supporting and protecting you by removing impure energies and ward them off. It's rich green color symbolizes the healing nature of the outdoors.

Labradorite- Knowns to the Inuits and passed down by stories, Labradorite fell from the frozen sky of an Aurora Borealis, accounting for the flashes of shimmering gold and blue that appear in this stone. It is known as the stone of magic and transformation and is extremely useful in meditation and in opening the third eye chakra. Enhancing intuition and providing safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness

Lapiz Lazuli- No other stone compares to the power of Lapis Lazuli when it comes to supporting deep, truthful communication. This throat chakra stone is impeccable excellent vessel for ceremonies and rituals with sacred smoke. It's color is representative of water lending itself to self-expression and awareness. During the renaissance, this stone was ground up and used as pigments when painting historic cathedrals. 

Citrine- Known for growth and regeneration, this crystal cleanses the energy of it's user giving way to self-healing, inspiration, and self-improvement. Yellow in color, it carries the power of the sun, radiates one's sense of self, clarity of thought, and a sense of inner peace. It stimulates guidance when faced with criticism and change.

Selenite- Known as "liquid light" selenite is associated with the moon. It allows for mental clarity, and strengthens one's telepathic abilities connecting you closely to your spiritual guides. With your spiritual guides by your side, it protects you of negative influences and energies.

Black Tourmaline- Is essential for better health and well-being. With an electric charge, this gemstone allows for the release of negative ions and far infrared radiation. Black tourmaline will guide you with protection, grounding, happiness, luck and positive energies.

Black Tourmaliated Quartz- Being a combination of black tourmaline and quartz, the properties of the two gemstones are at work to restore harmony and tranquility. Clear quartz helps to elevate your consciousness and bring clarity into your life by working as an amplifier. Making this a powerful crystal for healing. Naturally infused with black tourmaline,  connects you to the Earth, cleansing and purifying energy fields.


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