• Melanie Maslany

The (epic) Year Ahead

This year, as a brand leader, as a creator, as a human.. I'm doing something radical...

In 2019, Elements of Aura, will have its own NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!

The goal is that this resolution will inspire products + content throughout the year, and through those offering, build connections with my customers in a whole new, deeply authentic way. I’ll support you by sharing my own journey and checking in on you to see if you’re on track. All these new offerings will support us BOTH, which makes me super excited! If that isn't exciting enough - I am going to have monthly product giveaways!

So I’m elated to announce that Elements of Aura’s 2019 New Years Resolution is to... 

✨ ✨ I N V I T E   E  A  S  E ✨ ✨

Yep.. EASE.. like a chill pill for the soul. 

I resolve to remind you to slow down, take care of your body + mind, and nurture a relationship with your own source energy. This has the power to create a steady sense of inner peace that will elevate every aspect of your life and heal the deepest parts of your soul. 

There are a handful of products and content already available - like the DREAM Herbal Blend and the Self Care Crystal Grid - and others in the works, like muscle soothing bath soaks, meditation masks with a 3rd eye crystal & even some music therapy to play as you perform your daily rituals - all to INVITE EASE into your mind + body.

Check out all the new products at my January pop-up at The Local Lululemon in Fishtown, and on elementsofaura.com!! 

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