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Why we use Sage, Palo Santo + Cedar

There is alchemy in the simple act of Smoke Wash - changing and shifting the air element to transform our current experience. Smoke from certain herbs and trees produces ions, which wash away free radicals, airborne pathogens and bad energies in general, from the air. It creates a clean slate for our energy bodies which is why we like to call it a "Smoke Wash". These plants and their smoke carry powerful qualities (some would even say transcendent ancient power) that help set the energy for rituals and sacred ceremonies, or to simply keep your air clean + healthy in your indoor spaces.

Palo Santo

For centuries, many indigenous communities in Central and South America have used "holy wood" as medicine for energy clearing and spiritual cleansing. It is said that the precious wood of the Palo Santo tree is of no use unless it died of natural causes and has spent 4-10 years resting on the forest floor, which is why we are so particular about where we source it from, and you should be, too!


Palo Santo is often used before meditation or Ritual work to guide us into a deeper practice. When we practice the act of smoke washing with Palo Santo, our body's natural response is to release tension and worry. Because of this, Palo Santo helps us to combat anxiety, sleep problems and depression.


The smoke released emits negative ions that clarify places, people and objects (like your crystals) of negative energy. Palo Santo has been used in South America the same way Native Americans have used white sage to ward away negative entities. This sacred smoke helps to cleanse your aura ("create a clean slate" if you will) and make space for soul nourishment during your ceremony + meditation.

White Sage

White Sage is a healing medicinal plant with potent cleansing and antiseptic properties. It's best used to create an opening for manifestation work or to prepare yourself and your space for new chapters by completely clearing the energy. When is comes to sage, we prefer to use the term 'Smoke Wash' instead of Smudge because there is a huge difference. Smudge is a term used to refer to plant medicine use during very specific Native American ceremonies and should be honored for that use only. When we use plant smoke for washing away energies and toxins in everyday life, as humans have done around the globe for ages, the term Smoke Wash is much more appropriate.

Deep Energy Cleansing

If the vibration around you or within your home is feeling heavy, dark or anxiety-ridden, smoke washing is your go-to for cleansing and protection. It's potent antiseptic smoke helps to restore peace + stability.

A New Home

Beginning a new chapter in any environment calls for a total energy clearing to ensure you start your fresh start on the with foot. When doing a full home cleanse with sage, you'll want to make sure you open your windows and focus on all of the corners, closets, and doorways, and the area around your beds where energy might get stuck.

Trauma or Significant Transformation

Grief, stress, drastic life changes and anxiety can cause us to carry incredibly heavy energy, so smoke washing with sage helps us to move forward with a clear mind and prevent these energies from becoming stuck. It's also incredibly helpful during our manifestation work to keep us moving along our path towards transformation.


Cedar is a medicine of protection and is often used to ward away unwanted energies and influences. Cedar is often used in the sweat lodge ceremony which is a Native American purification ritual and is also one of the four sacred plants of the indigenous American Medicine Wheel. The other plants contained in the Medicine Wheel are: White Sage representing the West, Sweetgrass representing the North, and Tobacco representing the East. The smoke of cedar is said to attract good spirits and eliminate negative energies.

Deeper Spiritual Connection

Many cultures believe the cedar trees to be very old and wise spirits, and therefore believe the sacred smoke helps to raise prayers to Source and form a deeper connection with our ancestors.


Not only has cedar been used for hundreds of years as a cleansing smoke (much like sage), but because many believed it had the power to raise prayers to Source, it was also used for to call for protection against unwanted energies.

*With any sacred plant smoke usage, it is essential that you show gratitude to the plant and to Source for it's gifts at the end of your Ritual or personal ceremony.*

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