• Melanie Maslany

My Secret Life of Ritual

Palo Santo, a plant medicine from the Amazon. Used to prepare sacred space for my regular Ritual practice.

As much as we lean on the mystical world to give us a peek into what lies ahead, we never reaaally know where exactly our paths will lead us, no matter how organized we are in planning, or how badly we want a certain outcome.

Some of us lean on astrology and tarot. Me, I dabble in those for fun, but I've found ease and bliss by simply grounding myself in the "here + now". And I do that by practicing Rituals.

Grounding helps us maintain a calm and graceful attitude for whatever life gives us. It keeps our feet rooted so our minds may wander, explore and create.

This kind of major grounding only exists when I find a balance between doing the WORK towards the life I want, and having TRUST that what is best for me will manifest. You may have heard people say things like that before.. it's the basis of hundreds of self-help books because it's true. But there's more.. the secret-sauce.. ACCEPTANCE of the things that did not come to be. And once you accept that what didn't go your way is still the best thing for you, GRATITUDE rushes in like a rolling fog, blanketing your life with feelings of ease and bliss. That's the good stuff, the nectar of life, my dears.

Life has opened many doors for me that I would not have recognized or dared to walk through had I not been grounded. But it took major searching, self-analysis and practice. My relationship with Ritual didn't start with a neatly packaged 'ceremony in a pouch' like the ones you see in my shop. My road was winding...

Yoga, as it has for many, catapulted me full force into a life of learning. For years, I practiced Asana at least four times a week, and it was YEARS before I felt any sort of "connection" beyond my physical body. It was a great stretch and a personal challenge for me at that time, but I truly didn't know how beautiful it could be until I began to actively pay attention to my breath and find oneness of Body + Spirit. Meditation, in addition to Asana, grew to become a very poignant part of my life.

Once that connection "clicked", the experience shook me to my core. Unexplainable things started to happen to me - I saw light bodies, heard untethered voices and I 'became' higher states of awareness. If this all sounds crazy, yeah, I thought so, too. When google search failed me, my curiosity just grew deeper and the wtf's became more frequent. At some point, I don't recall exactly when, I was drawn to bring crystals into my yoga practice. They made me feel calm and supported, but I couldn't explain that either.

This period of yearning for higher understanding also happened to be during a time that I was severely depressed and working earnestly to reconnect to myself and my body. I studied the chakras, Physics and Biology, trying to nail down an explanation of the what I was experiencing with crystals and light bodies. What the hell are these "vibrations" that people keep talking about? Where is the science to explain it in rational terms??

I found that our bodies are not just Earth bound, and that our ENERGY bodies need healing and tending to just as much as our physical ones, and that crystals are powerful tools for that!

After attending a gem show, outside of Philadelphia, a crystal vendor named Peter Jarvis introduced me to group of crystals called Synergy5 (TM), a specific arrangement of crystals that creates a vortex of healing energy. He explained that it harmonizes with our bio-energetic frequency on a multidimensional level. He was excited to teach and patient with my learning process, and with a simple demonstration, I felt an electric spark jump from my left hand over to my right. The crystals were magic. And I was hooked.

You know that saying, that your best work is often created during your darkest moments? Can confirm: that is 100 percent true.

If I'm being honest, Elements Of Aura Ritual Kits were really born out of necessity for myself, and bloomed to be a tried and true method of healing and growth I am excited to share with others. During my darkest moments with depression, I relied on the ancient medicines the healing tools you see on our site today to pull me out of it - crystals, essential oils, regular smoke washing.

I have so much gratitude for this time in my life, as it pushed me to search for a creative outlet and I found a love for designing these kits. I created them be an active mediation for people like me who have a hard time sitting still. I designed the meditation in my Ritual Kits to keep your hands busy and your senses occupied so your brain. The fire element as well, is an important part keeping your attention captured by responsibility, and at the same time captivated by the beauty of the flames.

I created my Ritual Kits to share with you exactly what worked for me. A delightfully transformative ceremony in a pouch. My Ritual practice molded my soul into a beautiful home for my spirit to live. They are the tools I use to manifest the bliss and ease I crave in this lifetime. They are my foundation. And my path is to share them with you so you too can manifest your bliss.

With Gratitude,



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