• Melanie Maslany

Invite Ease Meditation

We all know that self care works wonders on our mind + body, but we never seem to ‘find the time’ to practice it. No more excuses, babe!! Here’s a little INVITE EASE MEDITATION you can do for as little as 25 seconds (or as long as you want!), just sitting in at your desk or even on the train..

Place both hands over your heart and close your eyes. Ease your breathing and invite your mind to quiet. Keep quieting any internal noise until the only thing you feel is your heart pulse. That “badum badum badum” is literally an electric pulse flowing energy though your veins. This is your Source Energy. As you listen to your heart, repeat the mantra.. I AM.

Practice this meditation often to honor the palace of muscle and bone, of hugs and of smiles, that you are blessed with.


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