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Aligning with Earth : Rooting + Reconnecting

Updated: Apr 22

Today is Earth Day, a day that inspires so many of us to take action for the betterment of our planet and to celebrate all that she offers us. This day also takes place during a time when Earth is awakening and blooming with life after the sleepiness of winter, and her beauty triggers a sense of gratitude within. Many believe that the Earth (or Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama... whatever rings true) as a living being - carrying conscious energy in the same way that humans do. For indigenous people around the world, land, water, plants and animals are respected as higher beings and are an incredibly large part of their identity. It has been said by many indigenous cultures that it is only when we become "one" with the earth, that we and the Earth can heal. Now more than ever, healing is crucial.

At the same time that we face a worldwide pandemic, our beautiful planet has begun to revive itself. Waters are clearing and restoring, air pollution has dropped rapidly, sea turtles are returning to beaches... and it is all a direct physical result of humans being forced to stay indoors. What is the message there that is being sent to us? How do we properly receive it? It might surprise you that we are far more aligned to our land on an energetic level and far less superior than we think, and making the effort to reconnect + realign isn't difficult!


There are many ways to reconnect with earth, but we can start by rededicating ourselves to living lightly and respectfully on our planet. This requires us to realize our shared place in nature. Coming to the understanding that we are not superior but we are all intertwined directly affects our being. It changes how we experience the world, our beliefs and attitude towards nature.

Here are some practices you can put into place to get connected:

Self Reflection: How are you extending humility, compassion, selflessness, and gratitude to our planet, to others and to yourself?

Gratitude: Express gratitude for all of earth's gifts (big or small), for the changing seasons, and how it provides for all life.

Dedicate: Refocus your efforts for earth's conservation and health in any way that you can.


This times are difficult, but when we do the inner work to stay rooted and physically work with the Earth elements to stay grounded, our mental state can improve drastically. When we aren't feeling grounded, we can be riddled with anxiety, fear, gut issues, or a negative mindset. Practicing grounding methods can help us to feel stable, secure, confident and full of energy.


Here are some practices you can put into place to stay grounded:

Tend to your Root Chakra: Work with the Root chakra, the first chakra at the base of your spine. This chakra is based on the earth element and is associated with the feeling of safety and grounding. It lays the foundation in your life. Beginning a yoga or mediation specific to your Root chakra is a good way to engage it. Repeating mantras specific to this chakra is also incredibly beneficial. Other practices include getting outdoors, cooking with fresh vegetables, gardening, and using grounding crystals.

Crystals: Use grounding crystals to carry on your person while you're out and about or during your meditation practice. They are powerful reminders of your intention to stay rooted. Crystals to practice with are Carnelian, Garnet, Smoky Quartz and Red Jasper.

Earthing: We have talked about the benefits of grounding or "earthing" many times on our blog because it's a game changer! When I practice earthing, especially with the intention to ground myself, I feel inexplicably safe and intertwined with our planet. The simple practice of touching our bare skin to the ground helps us to release the electrical charge and free radicals we carry around with us, drains our stress, positively affects our cardiovascular systems and helps our sleep. The fact that this works completely confirms the idea that we are connected to Mother Earth!

The Earth is so much more than just the ground we walk on. It is a living, breathing conduit of energy willingly sharing its gifts with us. Savor the sunlight, join together to care for each other and for this planet.

How are you spending your Earth Day this year?

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