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5 Spring Equinox Rituals to Stay Grounded

The Spring Equinox (March 19th) marks the end of the

darkest season of the year. It is symbolic of rebirth, renewal, fertility, warmth and light. Many faiths and cultures around the world honor and celebrate the return of the sun with ceremony, rituals and festivals with themes around rebirth and revival. Pagans acknowledge Ostara - an ancient festival celebrating the return of the spring goddess of the same name who oversees the budding plants and growth of the earth. Those of Christian faith honor Easter (coincidentally also named after a goddess, Eostara), the day of Jesus' resurrection.

I know it's a trying time right now, globally. Most of us are self-quarantined, practicing social distancing, and trying to keep a level head as we read the news and figure out how to navigate the uncertainty. The silver lining during all of this is that we've been given a pause on the 'rat race' and we have the time for inner healing work, tapping into our creativity and making time to reconnect with the gifts of the Earth. Spring Rituals are a soulful way to ground our fears and uplift your spirits during these unsettled times.

There are many ways to align with earth's cycle and the reemergence of light in order to call in more energy, warmth and growth into your life!

Five Spring Rituals for Renewal

1. Create a Spring Altar

Altars are helpful for creating a sacred space specific for us to meditate, pray and refocus our energy. Your altar doesn't need to be fancy to be powerful. I find that the simpler, and less cluttered, the better energy flows through it. Adorn your altar with items that represent fertility and awakening, like foraged blossoms and branches or fresh flowers. You can also snip branches and place them in water to encourage their continued budding. Bring your other favorite meditative tools such as incense, candles, and photographs that inspire you. Some crystals to add to your sacred space are Shiva Lingam (the stone of fertility and enlightenment), Carnelian (the stone of vitality and creativity) and Citrine (the stone of abundance.)

Make your sacred altar your comfy, cozy, go-to space for rituals - practice meditation, pray, make offerings, journal or anything else that nourishes your soul.

2. Decluttering + Smoke Washing

You're probably getting ready to do some spring cleaning and deculuttering - which is a powerful act all on its own. When we make time to clean our homes deeply and intentionally, we shift and balance the energy around us. Get rid of any clothes or items that don’t contribute to your growth and well being, and then clear any remaining stagnant or negative winter energy with a sage smoke wash ritual.

We will be posting some videos on our IG about how to Smoke Wash with Sage and Cedar in the next few days. Stay tuned!

*Check out our Cleansing a Space Ritual Kit!

3. Earthing/ Grounding

Earthing, aka "grounding", is the practice of coming into contact with Earth's surface by walking barefoot or sitting outside. Not just for hippies.. This beautiful and essential way to reconnect our bodies with nature is science based, my friends! The earth has an infinite supply of free electrons, so when we practice grounding, those electrons flow between the earth and our body, reducing free radicals. Try it.. I bet you'll feel better after just a few minutes of walking/standing barefoot.

*Little exercise: Go outside, preferably on a sunny day, and kick off your shoes. If you have a patch of grass, excellent. If you only have concrete, that's fine too, just work with what you have. Stand tall, with the sunshine warming your face, close your eyes. Place one had on your belly and one hand on your heart, and rest your lips into a soft smile. After a few seconds, take a deep breath in for 5 seconds. Pause at the top of your breath and exhale slowly for 5 seconds. Pause at the bottom of your breath. Repeat the 5sec inhale + 5sec exhale five times. The whole thing takes lass than two minutes and you'll feel refreshed and calm.

4. Make a New Playlist

What's better than a killer playlist to get you jazzed up and creative juices flowing?? Nothing, right?! Grab a magazine or find a craft to do, turn on Spotify and let the music fill your space and get you moving. When you hear a new song you like, add it to your favorites. Before you know it, you'll have a full playlist to jam to and share with your friends. And encourage them to share their fav spring tracks with you. This is a fun way to keep convos going when we're all practicing social distancing, as well as finding some new artists. So shake off the somber winter energy and change it up for a lighter, more uplifting feel!

*Then share your playlist with us... we're dying for some new tunes!! Lol.

5. Intention Ritual

Spring is a good time to "plant the seeds" in a literal and non-literal sense. I encourage you to put this Ritual in place for the Equinox to manifest some big asks, leveraging all of this fresh spring energy.

You can begin this Ritual with your clarifying crystals, a Palo Santo smoke wash, incense or anything else that helps you clear you mind and space.

• Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. After you've relaxed, open your eyes and write down any intentions for this season of life. When you're finished, read them out loud or just read over them a few times.

• Close your eyes again. Visualize that these intentions are your reality as if you have already manifested them. Are you happy? Are you thriving? How do you look in this reality? Focus on this feeling for a few moments.

• You can also use this Ritual to plant seeds or just one in a pot that you can watch grow.

• When you're done, fold up your paper and express gratitude to Source. You can take your intention and place it under a Crystal Grid if you have one, or leave it on your altar.

• Let go and trust that these intentions will manifest.

*Click here to download our Manifestation Intention Card printable !

My hope for you is that these Rituals will uplift your spirit, especially during these times of unknowing. Get outdoors, soak up the sun, take care of your energy and connect with us on Instagram so you can stay spiritually well and inspired!


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