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18 Unique Gifts for the Modern Mystic

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Got a mystic maven in your life who loves everything about energetic wellness, healing and personal growth? This Gift

Guide was made with them in mind! Read below for some

soul expanding healing tools + other unique products to

gift intentionally to your loved ones this year.

1. Gua Sha Facial

Have you ever rubbed your face against a really soft satin and paused just to feeeel it? Imagine a whole facial of that feeling.. except it's even better. Replace the satin with a polished rose quartz, letting your face de-puff and relax with it's cold touch and loving vibration.

In the Philly area? Click here to book an appointment for you and a friend!

2. Animal Tarot Deck

You don't need to be a tarot master for this gorgeous deck. I recommend using it as a fun + insightful conversation starter when circled up with friends this holiday season.

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3. Birth Chart or Tarot Readings

For me, there's no better way to get prepped for 2020 than to receive some personalized guidance from the cosmos + insight for the year ahead. A specialized birth chart reading dives deep into who you are as an individual and how you interact with the universe around you. The insight is endless! Honestly, it's kind of like cheating, in all the best ways possible. :)

In the Philly area? Gift your loved ones a reading or

a Tarot Lesson from Amber Astronauta!

4. Shakti Mat

Nothing gets my blood flowing like poking 1000 spiny points in my back. Ha! This mat applies pressure to skin and muscles and helps with restful sleep, relaxation, mental clarity and well-being.

Photo Credit: Shakti

5. Abundance Crystal Grid

Be a magnet for "MORE" with this soul-expanding ritual for your home and work space! The Abundance Crystal Grid helps us manifest our greatest desires. And enjoy special pricing until January 1, 2020 so you can get a head start on manifest for the New Year!

Click here to purchase.

6. Buddha Pants

First discovered these bad boys at a Wanderlust event in Portland, Oregon. They're the comfiest cotton harem pants I've EVER owned. Scoop them up wit holiday disconts!

Photo Credit: Buddha Pants

7. Circle of Stones Book

A powerfully transformational book for women in this modern age, to remind us of our belonging and power. I've read excerpts from this book at many women's circles and Red Tent Ceremonies, and every time it brings someone to tears. It's moving in a way that will transform your life forever.

Click here to purchase.

8. Crystal Water Bottle

There's something magical that happens when you drop a crystal in water. I'll be honest.. as a science nerd, I have no explanation for this phenomenon.. YET!! But I love my Smoky Quartz crystal water bottle from Glacce. Maybe it's the thick glass, maybe it's just so pretty, but I swear it makes my water taste happy.

Photo Credit: Free People

9. Cedar Smoke Wash

With all the concern over Sage and Palo Santo smoke washes ('smudge'), I predict 2020 will be a huge year for Cedar. Similar to sage, the smoke from the cedar tree is cleansing and purifying, but has a woodsy aroma that doesn't linger very long. It's a smell that brings me back to a space in time that I feel deep grounding and comfort. A beautiful addition to your ritual practices.

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10. Crystal Pipes

Even if you don't intuitively 'feel' the energy of a crystal, if it makes you smile simply because it's beautiful, it's done it's work of improving your mood! These Rose Quartz vessels are perfect for your plant medicines and a fabulous addition to your altar.

Click here to purchase.

11. Plant Subscription

Plants makes me a happier, healthier person. Filling my space with life and routinely taking care of my little green babies just boosts my energy, so I love the idea of gifting a plant subscription to help build your loved one's oasis!

12. Aura Mists

Reiki Master Makenzie Flynn created this collection of aromatic gem essences that serve a variety of different healing purposes. Each mist is handmade with a unique blend of essential oils, Reiki-charged crystals, and water that has been blessed under the light of the Full Moon. It's the perfect for setting the stage for meditation practice!

Photo Credit: Makenzie Flynn

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13. CBD Bath Soak

CBD is alllllll the rage right now... but some may be a little skeptic. A bath soak is the perfect way to experience the effects of CBD without ingesting it. Give the gift of an enhanced spa-like a super relaxing herbal bath mixture!

Photo Credit: Soap Queen

14. Seed Bead Earrings

I fell in love with these beautiful fringe earrings during my travels to Colombia, and they bring so much color + joy to my life.

Photo Credit: SEDA Creative

15. Transformation Ritual Kit

A Ritual Kit is an amazing way to help your loved ones - or yourself - transition into 2020 with ease and purpose. Begin a life of joy through manifestation with the help of healing tools like Palo Santo, crystals, a thematic essential oil blend and instruction cards.

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16. Palo Santo

The Holy Wood that's the hot topic of debates about over harvesting. As a brand, we listen to our communities and adapt. Just as we adopted the term "smoke washing" to honor the sacredness of Indigenous smudging ceremonies, we will no longer purchase or sell raw Palo Santo after we get through our current stock. I believe we all need to honor the calls of our Earth, and adjust our practices as new information comes in, so as never to lose harmony with the source energies that make everything go. So stock up! And read more about it on our Blog.

17. Vibrant Home Decor

The vibrancy of Indian designs is unparalleled. Give your bohemian loving friend the perfect accent to her space with these embellished pillows!

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18. Candle + Pottery

Who doesn't love a good candle, am-I-right? But a yummy candle that burns for months in a beautiful mug that will last me forever after the wax is gone - Perfection. The best hand poured candles I've found recently are from my Cloud 9 Clay. They're selling out fast, so get on it ASAP!

Click here to visit Cloud 9 Clay.

That wraps up our list of holiday favorites. Wishing you and yours a season of joy, peace and truly meaningful gifting!

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