Mystic Mama Bundle

A magical menagerie for

truly enchanted rituals

Sacred Self Care

Ritual kits for every intention.

The Science

of Ritual

Rituals are the bridge between our outer and inner worlds, making the connection between our ordinary everyday lives and Source energy. This practice encourages us to align with nature's rhythms, helps us replenish and restore our spirit, and gives us the freedom to direct and shape our lives consciously. Sacred personal ceremonies better align us with our purpose because we radiate our intentions and express our willingness to receive. We then become illuminated from the inside. And we begin to manifest a life we love.  ​


New Arrivals

Gemstones for inner peace + compassion


We make decisions based on our impact on the planet and each other. We focus on ethically sourcing our natural elements and we consciously design our packaging to either be reusable or compostable. We only promote products

that we believe in.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge of life and the science of rituals to help transform lives and to deepen the collective understanding and connection to universal energy.​ 


We have a global network of collaborators and vendors whom we celebrate.  We donate at least 3% of our profits to empower women and protect the waters in communities closest to our hearts.

The Three Pillars of EOA

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