Crystal Energy


Let's clear up the confusion about 'vibes' and have a baseline understanding about crystal energy, shall we?


Quartz, silicon dioxide, was found in the late 1800’s to have a consistent and repeatable response to applied pressure. It vibrated at an extremely reliable frequency. This may not seem like a big deal, but in the hands of the right genius, the technology was applied in electronics as a method of keeping time. It’s vibrations were that consistent! It was put in watches and computer chips. It’s such a major keystone to the age of information, Silicon Valley was named after it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Outside of the lab, in our regular lives, when we apply powerful forces like thoughts, intentions and desires onto crystals, they react by vibrating. And each stone vibrates in different ways depending on its history, it's chemistry, on the forces being applied and even on the intentions of the person behind them.

We now know, you can manifest new levels of living - strength, love, forgiveness, abundance - by using crystals to adjust your energy and align it to your goal.


Say you want to 'meditate better', use a crystal like Amethyst that vibrates at a frequency which calms the body and opens up your 3rd eye to cosmic wisdoms. Or maybe you can't focus recently and you're feeling a little zapped? Pick a colorful focusing Fluorite and a chipper Citrine to carry in each pocket, and sit holding them for a few minutes, a few times a day.


Align away, you are an alchemist!

Stone of Abundance

This bright sunny stone energizes every level of life

with joy and prosperity. Increases creativity and self expression. It balances the emotions. Excellent for overcoming depression and abandoning fears and phobias.


Stone of Love

With a gentle vibration, this stone calms anxiety, releases fears, and reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. It nurtures a deep sense of compassion inwardly and outwardly, resulting in genuine and powerful love for oneself and others.

Rose Quartz

Stone of Power

Encourages one to take action, increases focus and assists in accomplishing goals. Clears mental noise and sharpens our inner vision. Releases fears and increases confidence in one's own ability to make big impacts.

Tiger's  Eye

Stone of Wisdom

A stone of the crown chakra, it is useful in

meditation as it quiets the mind and awakens deep spiritual connections.  Calms anger and promotes rational thought and emotional centering. Known to strengthen mental focus, clarity and assist with decision making.


Prosperity + Joy

A lucky stone linked to manifestations and prosperity. Also a heart healing stone, it stimulates emotional recovery by calming and dissolving negative emotions. Stabilizing the intellect and emotions, it enables living our best, most authentic lives.


Gentle Strength

A supportive stone. Works to heal old feelings of repressions and judgement. Encourages self expression and speaking one's truth. Useful for connecting men to their emotional centers. Releasing old patterns of thought to make way for compassion and acceptance.

Blue Lace Agate


With its slight magnetic charge, this stone has the ability to dissipate negative harmful energies around it. Place it near electronics like your computer monitor or phone to protect you.

Black Tourmaline

Stone of Focus

Uplifting, balancing and focusing - it's like an espresso for your energy body. Helps mental focus and encourages order. Guides you out of negative mental spaces and increases confidence. Organizes anything in the body that is not within order.


Stone of the Divine

It aligns the chakras and balances energies. Dispels fears and encourages speaking your truth. Powerful when used in meditation as it stimulates the higher mind, increasing intuition and divine insight. Kyanite doesn't hold on negative energies so it never needs cleaning.


Stone of Magic

Awakens your innate magic. Supports adventure and self discovery. Protects and strengthens the aura. Great stone for meditation and Third Eye opening. Enhances confidence and eases you into a blissful state of divine being.


Stone of Transformation

A powerful stone for mental balance and finding a path through psychological stress. Helps one see more clearly. Encourages change and adventure.


The Rainbow Bridge

A form of opalized glass, it aids during transitions of any kind by removing blockages of the chakras, improving communication and strengthening intuition.


Master Healer

Clears the mind, balances emotions and aids in manifestation. This stone is known to uplift the spirits and amplify joy. Similarly, it also amplifies the energy of other crystals near it.


Divine Light

An angelic stone. It is called Divine Light as it is said to carry messages directly to the angels. With strong connection to the moon and divine femininity, inspires deep peace. Clears confusion and strengthens intuition.


Grounding Stone

Powerfully healing on many levels. This base chakra stone grounds and connects us to Earth energy, while at the same time raising our vibration. It works to heal any negativity surrounding us - clearing negativity from our mind, body and the space around us. Clears negative thoughts, increasing self acceptance and helping us move past that which no longer serves us.

Smoky Quartz

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