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Manifestation works.  


Happy people live happy lives. The growth-mindsetters are successful. The money-minded achieve financial freedom. It doesn’t all come without a price and it always starts with work on their part, but it does happen. Manifested goals and manifested futures.

Melanie Maslany

Founder and Visionary

I have traveled around the world, I own land near the beach in Central America, I got my 200hr Yoga Certification in Bali and My Permaculture Design Certification in a Rainforest. I’ve had two great loves and growing a company that is changing lives from the inside out. But I want to be clear here, I’m not lucky...

I co-create my dream life on the daily by doing the work.

By connecting with Source Energy on what it is that I truly want through Ritual, I was able to manifest a life of fulfilling work. Your energy is powerful that way, babe. You are the creatrix of your domain. If you stay small, your life will remain small.


But when you open yourself up to some radical self love... your entire outside world reflects that, and anything is possible.


Introducing the art of Rituals into your life is an act of radical self love that allows you to create a clear and healthy foundation for your inner work and spiritual growth. And that is the message I want to share.

You can manifest your daydreams into reality too.

I created a life-shifting line of Ritual Kits by pairing the tools that I use on the regular. Each Kit has baseline instructions that you can build from to create your own amazing Rituals that ignite your soul.

It's time to start showing up for yourself.

The Three Pillars:


We focus on ethically sourcing our natural elements and make decisions based on our impact on the planet and each other.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge of life and science to transform lives and to deepen the collective understanding and connection to universal energy.​


We believe we can only grow

stronger together. We have a global network of collaborators and vendors. We donate at least 3% of our profits to empower women and protect the waters in communities closest to our hearts.