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3% of our profits are donated to organizations that empower women and protect the waters in communities closest to our hearts.

Elements of Aura is a woman owned and operated, Philadelphia based studio that designs wellness tools intended to help spiritual seekers connect, manifest, realign their energies and cleanse their auras. After many years of studying and learning from mentors around the world and experiencing first-hand the transformative effects of practicing ritual, the founder Melanie Maslany felt called to share these beautiful experiences and healing tools with others. Performing personal ritual prepares us for the next stages of life, enables us to set meaningful intentions to manifest the life we truly desire, and helps to bring stability to our lives. Over time, the cumulative practice of rituals has the power to completely transform us and how we engage with the world. 


Our original Ritual Kits were born from the idea that through personal ceremony and meditation we can begin to shift our energy vibration. With the use of crystal healing, traditional smoke ritual, aromatherapy, intention setting and mediation, we can renew our spirits and connect with the elements of nature: the ultimate healing tool.

All of the components in our Ritual Kits are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced. 

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